Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Brief List of iPad Creativity Apps

fllickr by melenita2012, some rights reservedLaptops, tablets, BYOD, computer labs - what’s the best way to outfit a classroom that wants to introduce or update its technology?  Much goes into purchasing decisions, and hopefully the most important factor is, “What will best meet our learning objectives?”

Having been involved in discussions regarding hardware choices, one frequently mentioned concern has been whether tablets serve elementary and junior high classrooms as a production tool.  Can students reach those higher levels of learning (Bloom’s “Create” level) using a tablet?  Absolutely!

Here are some activities and my favorite iOS apps that support student creativity in the classroom.

Mind maps: Great for brainstorming and building connections between concepts

Audio: Giving students a voice builds confidence and accountability
Fotobabble (iPhone only)

Presentation: Students show what they know to a broader audience

Video: Serves students of all learning styles, great for demonstrations

Book Creation: Transformative, as the student becomes the teacher!

As always, we'd like to hear what you use.  Please share your favorite creativity apps!

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