Sunday, May 19, 2013

Comprehensive List of ELA CCSS Implementation Resources

My school is starting to accelerate our ELA implementation. We’re asking ELA teachers to:
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  1. carefully look over the Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) standards 
  2. compare them to existing curriculum maps, unit plans etc.
  3. understand the major differences
  4. start to develop an understanding of the technology expectations in the CCSS and
  5. begin appropriate modifications to curriculum maps, and start working their way through unit plans and lesson plans.
In addition, all the subject matter teachers (NOT ELA) will review their maps and add in specific CCSS details about how Writing Anchor Standard #2: Write informative /explanatory texts, will be supported via their maps, too.

We have a team of teachers responsible for pulling together an initial set of resources - source info (the standards themselves), a few how to’s (videos to help understand how to unpack the standards, and so on), some sample lessons (typically, short videos) and a start at lesson plan sources.

I wanted to get this out to you so you can see what we’re up to.  My hope is that these resources will help you in your process of evaluating and making sense of the CCSS.

Would love to know your thoughts about this!

CCSS Information Resources
CCSS Overview Videos
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ELA Specific Videos
ELA Lesson Examples

Excerpt from recent newsletter from Sarah Brown Wessling (Teaching Channel):
Two techniques she uses when teachers watch these videos:
1) How does this video give you a window into another teacher’s set of strengths and strategies?
2) How does this video provide a mirror of what you see in yourself as a teacher. What do the windows and mirrors reveal about your own practice?

Grades K-5: Enjoy these videos to help convey the importance of careful reading of texts.
Grades 6-12: These videos are effective in showing discussion strategies and having students speak as part of their learning process.
There are now over 160 videos about Common Core alone on the Teaching Channel!

Technology & Common Core


Mr. B said...

One of the best set of resources for ELA common core implementation are the curriculum units, lessons, and texts designed by Odell Education--totally free units from 6-12 on making evidence base claims, close reading, and research. Incredibly high quality and extremely faithful to the shifts in the new standards. Worth the click:

Karen Larson said...

I took a quick look, and will definitely spend more time working through it. The writing unit I looked at has a wealth of resources, text and worksheets to support reaching the standards. Thank you for sharing this resource.

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